Korean Cosmetics, Social Media, and Global Consumerism among Thimphu College Youth


  • Tashi Choden
  • Bijayata Rai
  • Yuzer Peldon
  • Dorji Wangchuk


Global consumerism, Korean cosmetics, social media, Gender norms, beauty standards


This qualitative study aims to explore the impact of global consumerism (especially Korean cosmetics and social media) on physical beauty standards and how it affects the lifeways of Thimphu college youth. The study identifies Korean cosmetics and social media in reinforcing the adoption of Korean beauty standards and its products. We show how Korean cosmetics, and their allure, impact the
lifestyles of Thimphu college youth as they share their daily routines/steps of using Korean cosmetics and how long it takes. Notwithstanding the cultural and societal differences between Korea and Bhutan, our findings relate to the impact of Korean
cosmetics on beauty standards, including identity and gender norms in Bhutanese society.



15-12-2023 — Updated on 08-05-2024