Preserving Traditional Medicinal Knowledge and its Transmission in Dorokha, Samtse, Bhutan


  • Tej Kumar Nepal


Knowledge sharing, tradition, resource, ethnobotany, Dorokha, Bhutan


Traditional ecological knowledge is often specific to a particular place or ecosystem and is deeply rooted in cultural and spiritual beliefs. It can be a valuable resource for the conservation and management of natural resources. It provides insight into the dynamics of ecosystems and impacts of human activities on the environment. Despite its potential benefits, it is often undervalued and marginalized in mainstream conservation and management efforts. To evaluate the status of traditional ecological knowledge, with special attention to traditional medicinal knowledge, this study was carried out in Dorokha Dungkhag, and data was collected through face-to-face interview. The result indicates that there is slow loss of local traditional knowledge because of several factors.



15-12-2023 — Updated on 08-05-2024