Dakwala and Communications in Bhutan: A Narrative Study of Dakwalas of Pemagatshel


  • Dorji Wangchuk
  • Sonam Darjay


Dakwala, Post, Mail, Telecommunication, Communication, Messenger, Postal service, Technology


Dakwalas have been crucial to the history and socio-economic development of Bhutan by connecting leaders and communities. The evolution of the communication system in Bhutan can be traced through the usage of smoke signals, conches, shot-through arrows, and carrier messengers to the later use of modern technology. The role of Dakwalas in the communication sector has been vital for the central government in implementing and executing developmental policies. The transition in the telecommunication system has brought considerable changes to Bhutanese society and played a vital role in how people interact, today in comparison to the past. Thus, this article documents the development of the communication system in Bhutan through a narrative study conducted in Pemagatshel. Since the subject area is related to historical findings, the two Dakwalas of Pemagatshel were interviewed about their role and experiences.



15-12-2023 — Updated on 08-05-2024