Shared Challenges Encountered by the Cottage and Small Industry in Bhutan - A Post-Pandemic Analysis


  • Nithil Dennis
  • Soumya Pandey Royal Thimphu College


: Industrial classification of CSI in Bhutan, CSI in Bhutan, Problems in CSI sector, Sustainability of CSI


More than 95% of the businesses in Bhutan come under Cottage and Small Industry (CSI), constituting 26116 businesses as of June 2022. However, due to a wide range of problems, CSIs are unable to survive and compete efficiently in the market. The significant role of CSI in the nation's economic growth and development necessitates timely analysis. However, no such researches have been conducted on CSIs of Bhutan.The aim of this study is to analyze their major hurdles and challenges in the post pandemic era. Additionally, this study also suggests state-of-the-art technique to address the identified problems. Based on the semi structured
interviews, the thematic analysis tool Taguette has been applied for 10 different CSIs operating in Bhutan. Based on the outcomes, we offer suggestions that may result in cost minimization (up to approx. 20%), increase in efficiency and upgradation in the operative capacities of the businesses



15-12-2023 — Updated on 08-05-2024